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OpenCart Product Question and Answers module is an effective solution that enables your potential customers to ask questions before making the purchase.

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How Product Question Works

OpenCart Product Question and Answers extension is an effective solution that enables your potential customers to ask questions before making the purchase. Potential customers can either read "Answers" section to find more details or raise a new question for the administrator. OpenCart QA extension is a powerful tool to build a strong bond with potential customers that allow you to know their concerns, questions. The administrator can quickly answer the question raised by customers that become part of the "Answers" section under product page. It also helps in keeping your product page fresh in the eyes of Google and other search engines because crawlers see more updated content on your product pages. All answered questions become a landing page for better SEO rankings plus it also has a proven record for helping customers and boosting revenue.

Convert Potential Customers into Buyers

Sometimes your customers are just a step away from purchasing, yet they lack some information about a product or want to make sure they have selected the right one. Help your customers and increase your sales volume with OpenCart Question and Answer extension.

Build Trust & Customer Base

Answering question is by itself a good way to build the customer relationship, but displaying answers on the product page go one step further. This will ensure that store has an engaged customer base - which increases your credibility.

Feature Highlights

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  Get answers to questions right from your product page, which increases the overall customer satisfaction.   Improves communication between store owner & customers with OpenCart Discuss Item.
  Setup Ask a Question in minutes.   Customers can refer to previous questions asked by other visitors.

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