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How to upload images to OpenCart products?

If you've used OpenCart for any period of time with a reasonable number of products you'll probably know that you can't upload multiple product images at once. So while a single product can have as many images as you like, you can't add more than one at a time. You have to click add image, browse to the image, select a folder and upload for every single product image. This can really slow down the process of adding products.

From OpenCart's point of view, there could be a good reason for this. The HTML form controls don't support uploading multiple files. When the dialogue box pops up, you can Ctrl-click and Shift-click all you like but you won't be able to select more than one. instead.

There are several extensions for OpenCart to multiple image upload functionality and those are definitely worth to look at:

On other hands, if you're comfortable with an FTP client like FileZilla then you can safely upload the images to the folder /image/catalog under your web root. You can create nicely organized folders and then upload your images here and when you go back into OpenCart admin, you'll be able to select these when adding or editing products.

Here's the folder to add images to:

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