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How to Add Attributes and Filters to OpenCart?

Add Attributes in OpenCart 

Product attributes allow you to add specifications to your products that are common among product groups or represent different variations of your product. For example, if you have your product available in different size and colors you might consider adding Attribute group for these specifications and setup the available options as attributes.

To create an attribute category, please login in your OpenCart 2 admin dashboard and navigate to the Catalog > Attribute > Attributes Group section via the main navigation menu on the left.

From the Attribute Group, List page clicks on the add button in top right corner to add a new attribute group. Input the Attribute Group Name and sort order. The sort order is used to set the position of your attributes on the product page. In case you have several attributes applied on a single product, the one with the lower number will be displayed first.

To add an attribute navigate to Admin > Catalog > Attribute > Attributes. Here you can see already added attribute list.

To add a new attribute click on the add icon from the top right corner. On the new page input your attribute name and select the group under which the new attribute will be added & define the sort order.

Add Filters 

Have you sell amazing products in your online store? But will it matter if your customers cannot find what they are looking for? When you build your online store, make sure to use filters to enhances customer experience and lets your clients easily find what they want.

Filters mak ustomer’s shopping easier and more effective. It helps users find the stuff based on category, price range or any other attribute. Usually, you can find filters in the left column of search result or category pages. Sometimes it is also placed on the home page. As to the structure itself, a standard filter has a “Shop By” list which includes categories and price range. Moreover, you can also configure such product attributes as color and size – it’s store owner who decides which filters to use and how to configure the display of layered navigation.

Set filters in OpenCart
1. Go to Extensions > Modules > Filter (click Install button at the right).
2. Make Status as Enabled.
3. Click Save button.
4. Assign Filters to a Category.
Go to Catalog > Categories and edit the category under the Components main category. Click on the Data tab, which shows field, Filters. Filter is an auto­complete field. So you can select the values by just typing a few letters.
5. Assign Filters to Products
Go to Catalog > Products and edit the product. Under the Links tab you'll see the Filter field. Assign filters and save the product.
6. Now Go to Design > Layouts and edit Category layout
7. Click on add module button at right corner.
8. Choose "Filter " for Module, set "Position" and "Sort Order".
9. Click on save.

In front­-end click on the category that you assigned filters.You can see, block showing the different filter options, with the total number of products available in each filter. If you face any problems or need our professional services, please email us at